Promoting Active Learning Strategies(PALS)

POGIL Resources and Strategies

Description Media Link
POGIL K-12 resources, materials and activiies website POGIL
Increased structure and active learning reduce the achievement gap in introductory website Science:Biology
Making Chemistry Relevant: Strategies for Including All Students in a Learner-sensitive Classroom Environment online book Making Chemistry Relevant
Implementing POGIL in Allied Health Chemistry Courses: Insights from Process Education pdf document International Journal of Process Education
An Assessment of the Effect of Collaborative Groups on Students' Problem-Solving Strategies and Abilities website Journal of Chemistry Education
Instructor's Guide to POGIL PDF Download Instructor's Guide
Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice, by John J. Farrell (Author) book
Project Kaleidoscope: Pedagogies of Engagement website POGIL Collected Resources
Just In time POGIL Book includes chemistry activities and video animations. website ChemEd DL
POGIL Biology Resources website Carolyn Mitzuk's Site
A Symmetry POGIL Activity for Inorganic Chemistry website and pdf files Community fo Advancing Discovery Research in Education
AP/IB/Honors POGIL Chemistry Activity website Portal to SERC's Resources
Naming Acids and Writing Formulas POGIL word document download Naming Acids and Writing Formulas
Designing and Using Virtual Field Environments to Enhance and Extend Field Experience in Professional Development Programs in Geology for K-12 Teachers pdf document ProQuest
General anatomy and physiology curriculum in high school: A student's perspective website,download pdf or word document IEE Xplore Digital Library
Pedagogies of engagement in science: A comparison of PBL, POGIL, and PLTL website US National Library of Medicine, PubMed Central
Finding the Right Equation for Teaching website Finding the Right Equation for Teaching
Guided-Inquiry Experiments for Physical Chemistry: The POGIL-PCL Model website and pdf download Journal of Chemical Education

Peer Instruction

Description Media Link
Using Peer Teaching in the Classroom website Teaching at CSU
How Peer Teaching Improves Student Learning and 10 Ways To Encourage It website informED
Peer Teaching website Tennessee Teaching and Learning Center
Increased Structure and Active Learning Reduce the Achievement Gap in Introductory Biology website and pdf download Science Journal of Original Scientific Research
Teaching More by Lecturing Less website and pdf download CBE Life Sciences Education
Active Learning: 101 Strategies To Teach Any Subject. book ERIC Institute of Education Sciences/a>
Clickers in the Large Classroom: Current Research and Best-Practice Tips website and pdf download CBE Life Sciences Education
Peer collaboration and concept development: Learning about photosynthesis website and pdf download Journal of Science Teaching
Effects of inquiry instruction on biology students' attitudes and critical thinking Abstract and pdf download Montana State University
Model for Active Learning: Collaborative Peer Teaching pdf download Taylor Francis online
Reciprocal peer teaching: Students teaching students in the gross anatomy laboratory Abstract and pdf download Clinical Anatomy
Importance of dissection in learning anatomy: Personal dissection versus peer teaching Abstract and pdf download Clinical Anatomy
Fostering collaborative knowledge construction in desktop video-conferencing: effects of content schemes and cooperation scripts in peer teaching settings Abstract and pdf download ACM Digital Library
Peer Education Website Education Scotland
Peer to Peer Teaching – Students Become the Teachers Website Techno Kids
What Are Some Advantages & Disadvantages of Peer Tutoring? Website seattlepi
Collaborative Strategies: Peer Teaching Website Austin Community College, Collaborative for Teaching Excellence
Can Student’s Really Peer Teach? Website Talk Physed
See Peer Teaching in Action YouTube Video Learning Together
Math Homework Review: Peer Teaching Video Teaching Channel

Active Learning Resources and Strategies

Description Media Link
Approaches to Cell Biology Teaching: Cooperative Learning in the Science Classroom—Beyond Students Working in Groups website and pdf download CBE Life Sciences Education
Where's the evidence that active learning works? website aps Advances in Physiology Education
Problems as Possibilities: Problem-based Learning for K-12 Education online book Problems as Possibilities
Concept mapping in biology website and pdf download Journal of Biological Education Vol.34. Issue 2, 2000
My Favorite No: Learning From Mistakes video My Favorite No
Understanding Randomness and its Impact on Student Learning: Lessons Learned from Building the Biology Concept Inventory (BCI) website and pdf downloads CBE Life Sciences Education
Biology in Bloom: Implementing Bloom's Taxonomy to Enhance Student Learning in Biology website and pdf downloads CBE Life Sciences Education
K-12 Active Learning articles, abstracts, pdf downloads CBE Life Sciences Education
Science Education Leadership: Best Practices for the New Century online book Care to Share?
Active learning and Problem Based Learning Articles websites Scholarly articles

Challenge Based Learning (CBL)

Description Media Link
Largest study to date of CBL pdf download CBL: An Approach for Our Time
CBL"provide opportunities to learn through an authentic process that challenges students to solve problems and make a difference" pdf download CBL: An Take Action and make a difference
CBL: A Classroom Guide pdf download Challenge Based Learning
Things you should know about CBL pdf download Educause
CBL Learning Template website and pdf downloads Collaborize Classroom
Articles about CBL in Biology websites CBL in Biology
Problem-Based Learning & Scientific Inquiry in Introductory Biology Teaching through Civic Engagement website Scientific Inquiry in Introductory Biology
CBL Education Links, College Curriculum website Science Net College Curriculum
Approaches to Cell Biology Teaching: Learning Content in Context — PBL website Cell Biology Education
Problem-based Learning in Biology for any education level website 20 Case Examples
Wall-to-wall project-based learning: A conversation with biology teacher Kelley Yonce website A high-school biology teacher who uses PBL
STEM and Instructional Resources: Instruction and Intervention website Science PBL